My Norma Jean

I think that saying I'm obsessed with Marilyn would be a slight understatement. I love her! I have books and posters and such about her and everything. I have original newspaper pictures of her, even. She is my favorite actress, as well. Her best movie is Some Like it Hot, with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon (both some of my favorite actors!). She was sexy, downright beautiful, amazing, and real. She was real. Not fake like some of the stars. Marilyn Monroe is my idol. She's awesome.
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I not only love Marilyn, I have picture of Marilyn in sexy lingerie, when she was young, baby from 1945, has blond hair and no mole on her cheek. I've looked at hundreds of pictures of her and i haven't seen one like mine. This picture has been my family for a long time. I want to do a copyright and show it the world but, i am wondering if i am going to have problems with a big company trying to take away from me. I think its one of her best sexiest picture ever. Does anybody have any advise?

morites talk to a lawyer

I completely agree!

I love her too! She's absolutely fabulous!

I Love Miss Monroe myself. She was totally gorgeous!! "Some Like I Hot" is also my favorite movie of hers.