Marilyn Monroe Collectible

We love Marilyn so much and have added collector items to our website just for her.  This is so very much fun and you really learn to appreciate her talent as well as her beauty.   Beautiful fleece throw, life size wall stickers, a great inexpensive glamorous travel mug and very posh compact mirror are just some of our favorite items.  We know you will just fall in love all over again!

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4 Responses Apr 2, 2010

I have loved Marilyn since I was 13 now st 30 I have a room of nothing but collectables. she was not only beautiful but she had such a sweetness about her. So many actresses are pretty but not a lot have that sweet childlike personality:)

I have all the collectible Barbies done of her...they are gorgeous...

Same here...I collect the Marilyn Monroe wine bottles and have several pictures of her hanging on my walls. My home is definitely a Marilyn themed place.

That's wonderful that you carry on the tradition of keeping Marilyn's memory alive with memorabilia. More people should watch her movies, and listen to her singing, as well. She was phenomenal in all respects.