Indian Girl

i m typical indian girl,

why typical?

bz indian womens & girls are like sacrifies for family member,

take care others , so & so.

but sometimes its irretating but

at the end its 2 good life



poojaPatil poojaPatil
26-30, F
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Hey Pooja.. I am Steve Joshi.. there's no need to do all the sacrifices which you mention. Just be what you want to be, world has changed and so should you. There's more to life than sacrifice

good decision

Hi pooja...have sex with me and every thing will we fine.....

hi..pooja...can we b frnd..and share all our feeling to come out from our daily boring life...

Pooja-being an indian i can totally relate to the values which you have expressed & they are also considered desirable... but do not lose yourself in the values that society imposes-find your true self & listen to what it wants!

well never forget to dream & try to pursue ! You are the incharge of ur own happiness , always remember that !

i like tht de

realwomen meant just do what ur heart says , sometimes it is good to think abt ur own personal life

need a true freind wanna be mine true freind

indian women get frustration after crossing their age 40. then they start counting the gain for their sacrifices. at that age too they feel they would not sacrifice so much. none to acknowledge. they start dreaming if they would have some extra marital relation then the life would have some charm. safe sex in such extra marital relation could bring some sense in their life. so guys get ready and think for fixing such indian women for ....


doesn't it all boil down to whether your guy is open enough to experiment to keep you excited...this trait is very rare in the desi populace but that's my view on it

hi..rhikrita....nice 2 c ur cmmnts...infact me also feel same...can we meet onlin nd share our com out from boring life..

i cant understand..... can u explain plz

You are worth more than just a slave to family, my dear. You are a life giver and lover, go and seek fortune of the heart.


hi pooja i like u

Yep it sure does lead to good life! :)