I Love This Show!!

In a really weird kind of a way, the Bundys actually resemble a more realistic take on the modern family life than most other sitcoms out there. I mean, The Cosby Show had both parents with successful careers, and hardly ever seemed to argue about anything serious, and kids who...really didn't seem all that bad. Then there's Full House...who kept ending most, if not all, of their episodes with some sort of 'life lesson', which I find hard to believe. Kids don't learn from their mistakes that fast (adults count for this too).

The thing I love about Married With Children is that it doesn't portray some happy family who gets along all the time, but a poor family who bickers, fights, and insults each other daily. You can feel the resentment, especially from Al, and the regrets life has left him with. But, despite all the crap life has given them, the Bundys really do love each other. They may not be willing to admit it, but it shows.

Heh, in fact, Al and Peg remind me a lot of my Mom and Dad. Except Al is Mom and Peg is Dad ^^; Mom is hardworking and kind of cranky and bitter all the time. And Dad, while he does have a job unlike Peg, is still incredibly lazy at home and buys useless stuff without asking >.> But....they're still family, so....^^;
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Aug 28, 2011