I Have Their First 9 Studio Albums

1. "The Marshall Tucker Band"
2. "A New Life"
3. "Where We All Belong"
4. "Searchin' for a Rainbow"
5. "Long Hard Ride"
6. "Carolina Dreams"
7. "Together Forever"
8. "Running Like the Wind"
9. "Tenth"

Plus 3 live albums, recorded in 1974, 1978, and 1980. 1980 being the year Tommy Caldwell died, ending the original lineup. I also have mp3's of bits and pieces of various subsequent albums, but Toy Caldwell (Tommy's brother), just sort of stopped writing most of the band's material and by 1993 was dead himself.

Toy was one of the most under-rated guitarists in Rock 'n' Roll, and like more more famous guitarists (Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, etc.) had a distinctive sound, never really matched by anyone else. I first became a MTB fan in 1976, when I bought "A New Life" out of the $.99 tape bin at Tower Records. Within 2 months I also owned "Long Hard Ride" (vinyl) and "Searchin' for a Rainbow" (vinyl). After listening to these albums for a month or so, his style became clear, and I was able to pick out a MTB song on the radio by his guiar work, if not by Doug Gray's equally distinctive vocals.

What drew me to MTB was the same thing that drew me to The Allman Brothers Band and early Charlie Daniels Band: a mix of rock, country, and jazz fusion. Quite a few bands have been able to pull off a rock / country / delta blues mix, but these 3 were the only ones (that I know of) to have the jazz element, and of the 3, MTB did it best.
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I think their first album is their best. A great band, almost forgotten today.