Survival Fighting

I trained to fight in the streets using a mixture of Boxing, TaeKwonDo, Brazilian Ji Jit Su, Boxing, and Judo. Lost only one fight, but it is very fun to test my strength and skills against someone else.
skunkworks skunkworks
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

street fighting is totally different then martial arts...depending on who you got in front of you you can win or loose. if you got a good street fighter before you then he addapts his fighting skills very quickly, and even takes some of your skills over...luckly most people are not good at street fighting tho. But you do have a nice mixture there...taekwondo for the distance, brazilian jiu jitsu for the groundwork mainly, boxing for the hardness and stamia, and judo..well...dunno about judo since brazilian jiu jitsu is already a very good ground fighting system...