My Martial Arts Became An Addiction

I started training in martial arts when I was 16.  Ever since I was a little girl I was always asking my mum if i could participate in some martial, karate or judo or thai Boxing.

Then in 2003 my mum finally let me start training in a martial art.  Little did i know that this would be the start of an addiction,  I couldnt miss a class, even when I came home from over night trips with school and was exausted I wanted to go. 

My dedication grew the more I went and my thirst for more knowlege and more verietys grew.  I started to train different styles within the gym.  upon joining I was training Jeet Kune Do.  I now Train phillipino Kali, Brazlian Ju jitsu, had some training in judo, and also thai boxing.  I absolutly love martial arts.  I love trying out my techniques and sparing with people who are at a higher level (Gurus or instructors  or a few of the other members, I'm a black belt)  To me it doesn't matter if i loose a fight, because i can always perfect and try again.

I just love to take part and learn.
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i also liked to test out my skills against an opponant, within set rules...street fighting i did enough in my life, and i dispise martial arts tho! i especially liked to test against other styles of martial arts...i did jiu jitsu and wing tsun kung fu (couple of years ago before i got lazy)...with sparring it was always fun to step over to the other style for just a few minutes to see the reaction...sometimes my partners didnt appriciate that tho, since they are 2 very different styles

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I really enjoy Jeet Kune Do, which even for beginers is easy, if you can find a martial arts school that teaches it i would really recomend that (It can be difficult to find somewhere as where i live there is only really 2 places that teach JKD). Maybe for someone starting out try some just basic self defence then build it up in to a different martial art. Basic self defence will show you basic moves like jab cross and kicks, which is a good foundation to any begining. <br />
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You could try Thai Kune Do, if there is a Martial arts school near you give them a call and see what they offer, many offer beginers classes. I like JKD is great because its a mix of different martial arts.<br />
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Sorry i took so long to reply, Have been very busy recently.

hi for a while I've wanted to try martial arts. Ive finally convinced my parents to let me try. But theres so many types. What would you suggest for someone starting out?