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I have been doing martial arts since I the 4th grade. I started out in Karate, but I decided to follow my father's footsteps and learn Gung Fu. It consumed me and my thoughts. I practiced day and night. Pain was the biggest motivator. If I didn't hold a stance....WHOP! I would get hit behind my leg. If I didn't toughen up my forearms and shins...each block from an instructor would hurt. I would go to school with bruises up and down my forearms and shins. After many years...almost a decade of conditioning...I know hurt others with my blocks and my forearms became weapons.

Ironically, I was originally taught to fight like a girl. I started out as a small boy and so my instructors thought that it was best for me to learn like a girl and practice techniques that don't require strength. Little did they know that when I got older, I would get into weightlifting. So, I'm a large man (stalky anyway) that moves like a girl when he fights.... I know...sounds funny. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I move back and forth between being hard like a man and soft like a girl. When I fight, I like to fight bigger guys because the techniques and style that I learned is more conducive to fighting bigger opponents. (Smaller guys irritate the crap out of me).

Today, I'm exposed to more than Gung Fu. I'm more well rounded, but not nearly where I want to be. But, I'm not doing this to be some great MMA fighter. I'm doing this because I love it. In one except for my family and my wife knows I used to instruct in gung fu and now know some grappling skills. I prefer to keep it that way...
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Sooo can I expect less bruising eventually? It is really getting out of control. I look like a giraffe.

I've only had a few opportunities to fight wing chun fighters. It wasn't that irritating. Their hand speed was practically blinding. So, with those types of fighters I tend to use more legs than hands, constantly taking their feet from under them, slipping my knee in between their legs, maneuvering behind them and moving in angles instead of going straight back or forward, delivering hard kicks delivered from the angle, and control the space between us. <br />
<br />
Fighting smaller fighters are like fighting chickens. They're faster, dart in and out, move in angles faster than I can, and deliver 1 million blows before I can get 1 off. If they are really skilled, it could be over in seconds and I (as well as many bigger opponents) could be on the ground holding their throats, cupping their balls, or covering their eyes.

you mean; Bagua style?

I can imagine that sparring wing chun practitioners can be pretty irritating as wel