Lesson 10: Art Of Distraction

Miyamoto Musashi once used a very common technique before the battle begun. By showing up too late he tested the opponent's patience, fueling the opponents anger to his benefit.

This man however, uses a different but yet similar kind of technique:


Lesson 10: Don't take your eyes from your opponent.
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Too funny. Not what I was expecting! Thanks...

This is a great point. Showing up late does a lot of things psychologically. Tyipcally, when someone shows up late, I get angry because in my mind I'm saying "How dare he makes me wait! Who the !@#$ does he think he is!" So, it also kind of sets the stage, I guess, for telling your opponent...."You're on my time...because I'm the FMIC!" This is an awesome tactic when the fight is pre-arranged and can be used in business as well! Thanks for bringing this point out!

lol you're welcome, btw you haven't seen the vid haven't you?