Chang-han Freestyle Taekwon-do

It's my style, my life, my livelihood. TKD has shaped me as a person tremendously, and fighting has only been half of it. The hyeong, or forms, provide dexterity and power. The sparring provides speed and crushing strength. And the harsh conditioning gives you power of will. The particular school I study at teaches hand techniques, boxing skills, throws, take-downs, joint-locks, chokes, ground manipulation etc. I love my school and style.
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1 Response Apr 3, 2012

I too practice taekwondo I used to do Chang-han but the association my school was with basically kicked us out. so now my instructor taught us the style the he had created which is what I am currently practicing now. The new styles forms/patterns are a whole lot different than Chang-han partially because my instructor incorporated numerous martial arts styles that he had learned over his many years of training such as Kyūsho-jutsu (pressure points) and Brazilian jiu jitsu. we also do Filipino stick and knife fighting as well as other weapons including the sword (which is my personal favorite).