I have always been a natural at fighting and martial arts when I was very young I had friends who fought constantly when we were only 6 years old and I joined karate when I was 7 and continued to do until I was a blue belt, but I stopped because I believed that I should focus on other things, while my friend was the state champion for his age group at kick boxing and one day we got into a fight and that's when I found out I was a natural fighter because I knocked him out but I never fought unless it was self defense and even now I refrain from fighting and focus on sports like tennis and football and I learnt that you can always take a step back before you think about violence and if i got to choose to be a natural at something I would have chosen anything but that because it made me cocky. I'm glad I am not like that anymore :) thanks for reading my little story, take care :)
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Hey, awesome! I'm in karate, red belt. Natural fighter? That's a good thing to have in this world :)

Haha nice :) impressive, yeah natural as in I have really fast reflexes and my punches go exactly where I want them to go and a bit more then that but i wont get into it :) Yeah it is thanks for the comment :)

You can lol :) that's great, anytime :)

Thank you :) It's good for self defense but even before that I was always much taller and stronger because I have a Viking heritage haha not in tennis it took me a little while to pick up those skills but now I am in section 4 for my state and 1 is the highest so i'm doing ok I think, I don't play rugby because I used to hurt people badly unintentionally like I broke someones leg and another persons colarbone and a few ribs so I stopped playing :/ thanks man I appreciate the comment means a lot :)