Muay Thai

I've done Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing, Freestyle, Aikido, Vale Tudo and most recently Muay Thai.  My brother is a Kung Fu instructor, so I've learned a bit of Wing Chun and Tiger Crane, although I've never attended formal Kung Fu training.

To be honest I'm getting a bit lazy and can't really be bothered to go training any more... I need a partner to get me motivated again.  I keep thinking about going back to Muay Thai, but I haven't got the motivation to do it alone.

Pricey Pricey
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Yeah, sort of lame... sorry! It was that 14IQ at work, I guess!!!

We're supposed to be cunning, but I didn't get that really... :(

Especially if you're a wiley celerystalk trying to outwit a fox!

Well it could be an advantage in certain stuations granted... ;)

Says who?!!

I really have a dogs personality. I get excited easily and forget quickly... not a good combination!

Yes, but you fall for them every time!

Oh, that's such a woman's trick... :P

**quick! while he is distracted by my bulging peanut...***<br />
I'll just slide in here and... Nipon!!!<br />
<br />
***bats eyes*** Mr. Judge man, How many points for that throw?

Is that a peanut in your singlet, or are you just pleased to see me??

Doubtful... but the headgear might not do you justice!

Oh no, that would be a terrible sight for you!

Alright! If you want it to be sexy, we'd better trade these gi's in for something else. Wrestling singlet, anyone?

Let's do this!<br />
<br />
*Hoping for a sexy tussle, but feeling like he's gonna get battered*

No way! You like to tussle.... let's tussle!

Ha ha! I've got a nasty feeling I've started something I can't finish... I've picked on the wrong veg haven't I?

Watch out for the arm bar!

*Bang*<br />
<br />
I love being on top... :D

I'll be your uki!! Throw me down, throw me down!

That's a good idea, but he lives too far away unfortunately.<br />
<br />
I'm still working on talking my friends around. I'll wear them down eventually!

what about training with your brother or someone at his club may wish to train with you.

Really? *Sounding excited again*

Really? *Sounding excited*

Is it the thinnest of thin ice that I am on? That is my favourite place!

Hey! Don't diss my do de dooing! It was awesome...

It was Kung fu fighting again, you arse! Lmao...

hie hie hie ...

Hey I'm just watching...<br />
<br />
Wait! Do de do de do dee doo.... can't get that damn song outta my head...

Okay, if you guys are gonna get jiggy, them I'm cool with that. Just throwing it out there...<br />
<br />
*Grabs Video camera and Binoculars*

hie hie hie ... he's use to getting my ex GF's

what thing?

Then what's this thing??

now foxy! you know I don't wear clothes ... never.

hie hie hie ... hey ... usually I have them first!

Yup she did. And I think we need to have a wee chat about that, me and you. It's not the first time a thing like that happened, now is it?

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Have at you sir!<br />
<br />
*and Kitty's black skirt belt*<br />
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Bring it!

did you tell my brother and your hubby about the origin of YOUR children?

That's it, no one except me hops on that ball! Come here you fox, I'll teach ya to hop on things you are not allowed to. *Grabs black fan belt in street fighting*

hie hie hie ...

No, I think that was pretty accurate ;)<br />
<br />
Lol I'm only messin!

the kitty likes to play with bouncing balls ... mmm that didn't sound right!

There's an offer!<br />
<br />
*Hops on*<br />
<br />
Yee ha!

No way! I'm cunning and stealthy...

Kitty, don't worry, we'll use one of my fox finding spells to track him down.

hie hie hie ... you can run .....

I'm keeping out of places where they do organized fighting, I'm scared I might start to like it again. No matter how dissiplined it is you will always get some nut who wants to prove something.

Owww... you mother!...<br />
<br />
Sleepless, get me outta here... I need grinning spacehopper style...

*kicks Pricey in the face*

She's weak! Get her!

please don't hurt me!

Lmao! Call it Drunken magic style. You can teach it in a dojo!

I tried matering the art of bar fighting, but they kept changing the damn rules. I eventualy mastered the art of falling down, it was much easier to do.

Do you let him ride you home from the pub spacehopper sylee?

Hmm.. Taekwondo... still flexible? Lots of hip stretches and stuff...<br />
<br />
@ Sleepless: Bad sister!

I used to do Taekwondo.

Whatever you say grasshopper!<br />
<br />
"When you can take the stone from my palm..." <br />
<br />
*******!*<br />
<br />

Not fast enough! Lol

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting... do de do de dee dee doo...

Get back to work, or I hit you with my big Kendo stick!!!<br />
<br />
**Every body have fun tonight! Every body Wing Chun tonight!***

You're so kinky! lol

I'm an expert in Foxy Boxing... but that's a different story... ;)