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 I would love to take Kali and  ju jitsu .. and learn lucha libre .. which isnt technically a  martial arts its a form of wrestling go figure .. who woulda thunk i wanted to learn more wrestling ..  i just love the art of fighting in general .. its such an art in itself ...
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Kali is awesome. I just love picking up a kali stick and letting the moves flow like water in, such smooth motions. its amazing to watch as well as to do. <br />
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Jujitsu is also amazing. Especially when you get a partner who is as dedicated to the martial art as you and the sparing match is excellent beacuse there is no-one tensing up or being frightened to just flow with the movements and experiment with new locks and chokes.<br />
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I am very passionate about martial arts when I practice, I feel AWESOME, like I don't have a care in the world, I feel so light, so free. I feel that good I can't find the right words to describe it. I really do love martial arts. I study a few forms and I love everyone, because they are all so different.

definitely go find a jujitsu or judo class! it's amazing!

technicaly wrestling is a form of martial arts. It is just that because of TV we identify Martial arts as any fighting derived in the East<br />
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Martial arts, also known as fighting systems, are bodies of codified practices or traditions of training for unarmed and armed combat, usually without the use of guns and other modern weapons. People study martial arts for various reasons including fitness, self-cultivation (meditation), mental/character development, and self-defense