Focus the Chi (jack of All Trades)

In Hawaii my Tae Kwon Do study was furthered under Walter Harrington of Kaneohe.  Mr. Bryan Amona introduced me to the school and together we progressed to the rank of Black Belt.  After Mr. Harrington’s death at the age of 39, I continued the practice on my own with the heavy bag until Mr. Amona introduced me to Grand master Hee Il Cho. I am grateful for all those who shared there knowledge and energy with me in the fighting arts, but I regret not having had stayed with one art continuously throughout my life.  I regret being a jack of all trades master of none.  I believe that I am now ready to receive instruction from the greatest martial artist I have ever seen.  When the student is ready the teacher will appear.  I am truly honored to be permitted to wear a black belt in Grandmaster Cho’s school.  I rededicate myself to Tae Kwon Do, and the perfection and transmission of its patterns and philosophy to the next generation.

Physically I cannot expect to achieve what the younger students can, but I know I can use the art to develop more self control, and calm in stressful situations.  Martial arts are a way of life for me.  I believe that Tae Kwon Do puts my life in proper perspective and quiets my mind and spirit to a point where I can harmonize with nature.  It is my spiritual path.  It started with fear progressed through self discipline to confidence and assertiveness then transforming mysteriously to peace, joy and humility.




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Mar 7, 2009