Martial Arts Journey

I started getting beat up fairly early in my life and I think empowering myself became the initial reason for the study of the Asian fighting arts.  Besides Bruce Lee and the song Kung Fu Fighting were very popular...  I began learning some moves in the back of the supermarket I worked, I played football in high school.  I played rugby in college and started working in bars and got involved in many bar fights on both sides of the fence.  College started my traditional arts study with a form  of Jeet Kun Do taught by this small black guy cisco.  I also started training in boxing and continued rugby.  I switched school to SUNY and began studying whatever I could.  Aikido, Shotokan, Capoeira, and Tae Kwon Do.  During this period I started to integrate the hand movements with the kicks and the sweeps on a heavy bag which has become a constant companion over the years.  Jack of all trades master of none.

I studied capoeira with Jelome Viera in NYC in 83-84, and boxed in the NY Golden Gloves.  I was working as a bouncer in a club a few miles north of the city.  I then studied an art called Shinobu with Toshi Tokadoro for several years. 

It wasn't until 87 in Oregon did I start study of Tai Chi and Wing Chun with David Leong and I stayed with that for a number of years.  I also studied the Simplified form with Sik Hahn Chan for about six months before leaving the continent.

In Hawaii I started with Menkyo Kaiden Sensai Quintin Chambers in Shindo Muso Jojitsu and we had a great class this morning with a visitor from Australia.  Chambers teacher was Shimizu Sensai in Tokyo.  He trained and traveled extensively with Don Drager.    I was introduced to Sifu Ken Lenard student of the famous Yang Nien Yen of Taiwan,  and continue my study of Tai Chi  and Twai Sho with him still.  Most recently I have had the honor to study under ninth don  Grandmaster Hee Il Cho,  who is the finest empty hand practitioner I have ever seen in my thirty years of study.  It is great fortune and a great honor to have the quintessential instructors of the world right here at my disposal.  When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

i would so love to learn capoeira. i am inspired by what you wrote and all of your experience. i admire you for sticking with it. it makes me want to try formal martial arts again.

Wow, my dream as always been to live a life such as yours! Change from place to place and learning martial arts, i would also like to win my life by it. But each time i want to start i either end ups wounded becose of my weak body or don't have enough time/money for it. What a waste...

Oh plz...Just do it!!