K1 - My Life

I'm a person who truly loves martial arts. I have been reading ,watching and studying so many styles .However one style catched my attention ...I don't know how many of you here are in love with K1 but personally I loved it from the second I've discovered it . I used to train 5 times a week. My trainer saw how serious  and devoted I was to learn, that after only two weeks he  asked me to start training with the advanced group and one time a week with the fighter group. I could not believe it , was so happy and eager to train as much as I could. I've trained for  2 years and now unfortunately for the time being I have moved to another country so I don t really have the possibility to go to a Dojo.. My goal for already 2 years was  to go  Thailand and train for 3 months at a Muay-Thai training camp. Until now I haven't managed  to put money aside and I don't think I ll be able in the near future, thing which is making me so unbelievable sad. Every time I am watching K1 on tv I have tears in my eyes .Sometimes,because I miss training so much , I can't even watch.. I instantly get sad,angry , I get like pain or pressure on my chest and if I keep watching I feel i can't even breathe  so  sometimes I prefer avoiding anything that has to do with K1/muay thai/ or any martial arts because it reminds me of how much I miss training and I get sad & angry that I cannot figure out a way to be able to train in Thailand. I love it so much that if right now I would have the necessary money I would instantly drop anything else , book a flight ticket and leave. :)

Anyone else goes through similar experiences??

neoko neoko
Jan 22, 2010