flats or heels, love them both. i feel sexier in them and love the flats with leggings or a short skirt- the bad school gurl look always gets my thoughts going in a naughty direction
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Just out of curiosity, what size are the ones shown and what brand (i.e., where did you get them)? They look really nice.

Women's 11 is a men's 9 to 9 1/2. You're lucky you're not a "bigfoot" like me.

Great picture. I've never liked any kind of heels, but have always loved the way flat-heeled Mary Jane shoes look on male or female.

I have only one pair of Mary-Janes and I love them. They are so comfortable and are great with skirts. The pair I have have low heels, I would love a pair or twenty with higher heels;).