Metro, Hell No!!

The guys that get pedicures, wax jobs, and self tanner need to grow some manhood. Women my age date guys that straighten their hair, wear tight jeans, and wouldn't know a screwdriver if it was plowing into them from behind. It's sad, where have all the men gone? I do not need a manicure buddy, I need a real man. Someone who can fix something if it's broken, someone who can stand up for his woman if need be, someone to protect me, and someone to hold me in his arms and just ravish me. There is absolutely no appeal to me when a guy is more feminine than I am.
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4 Responses Jul 18, 2010

That was very well put. I say the same things about ladies. I am glad I don't have a high maintence wife. That would drive me nuts.

To each her own. The pamered type isn't for me. There's a difference between pampered and clean. Clean is absolutely without saying.

A man isn't defined by how nice his hands look, or if he decides 2 wax or tan.. I much prefer a man who takes care of himself in these ways 2 men that don't & feel like they shouldn't b ridiculed 4 looking good nor judged on their 'manly abilities' because of it.. There r lots of guys who take care of themselves that can also swing a hammer.. Getting manis & pedis doesn't always = a guy who is afraid 2 get a blister.. & really, how difficult is it 2 hang a picture or install a closet organizer?? I'm not saying that we as women need 2 b full blown carpenters, but we really don't need 2 play the damsel in distress card so often either.. I 2 need 2 know that my man (no matter how metro/pampered) can protect me & take care of business in more ways than 1 ;) but they don't hafta have dirt under their nails & rough heels 2 do so.. Anyways, don't b so quick 2 judge.. There r lots of real men in pretty packages

Thank you so much for stating this!!! It renews my faith and hope in the younger female generation. I only hope there are a lot more ladies out there who think like you do on this, but are yet to let their opinion on it be known. Notice I said... yet. <br />
Hope there are more like you among the girls you hang around with and you keep speaking your mind about it.<br />
Thank you, again for this.