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I am a strong incontrol female but for some reason copious amounts of testosterone makes me weak in the knees.  WHY! Ugh. A guy who is confident, strong, dominant, and who wouldn't hesitate to protect me...someone that you just wouldn't want to mess with.  I swear, I see a guy in jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather jacket and I get very frazzled.  Where are these guys?! I guess there not in california home of the gay man.  Maybe I need to move to the east coast.  "He's a really nice guy."  Well I'm not looking for a nice guy! I don't want a nice guy! I'm not even a nice girl.  Where is my stallion with an unshaven beard and a motorcycle? Huh?

Luphmuffin Luphmuffin 22-25, F 3 Responses Mar 7, 2010

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I know, right?

wow. you're cool.

Just because Californian men<br />
aren't into you,<br />
it doesn't make them gay.<br />
<br />
It means they have<br />
good taste.