Oh So Good

I love mashed potatoes. I prefer the real ones but I eat the flakes too when I don't feel like peeling potatoes. My aunt makes them best. She doesn't do anything special. She just adds hot milk to it instead of cold. Makes a tremendous change in the flavor. WHen we go out to a buffet style restaurant I always go for the potaotes first. I figure any restauramt worth its salt will know how to make good mashed potates. The one place that had the best was Old Country Buffett . There wasn't anything fancy about them. Just potaoes, milk and salt but they tasted divine. They were whipped, just the way I do mine. I don't put gravy on them unless I am home because most resturants don' t know how to make gravy.Plain is just fine. I think I'll make some tonight...

nicoleal20 nicoleal20
46-50, F
Aug 28, 2008