...more Pls

With cheddar cheese, butter, bacon and garlic... OMG! Try it!


this dish is not for the "I wanna be a toothpick club"  (yes, i'm a freak) :~0

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7 Responses Jun 16, 2007

Oh! I forgot about adding bacon to mine. --HXTP

I'll try fried mash potatoes tonight, I never had it before

AWE, You sick freaky person,<br />
I thought I was the only one who liked this kinda stuff.<br />
<br />
(Ya know we gotta eat together sometime...)

Fried mashed potatoes are really yummy too.

Add chives and a lil sourcream to that mixture and I'm right there with ya!

I love ta restuff baked potatoes with that very mixture, some occasional variations, add shrimp. Add cilantro sprinkled over top . <br />
Oh, yea. Thats what i'm talking about.<br />

LOL I agree, I love them too.....I could eat them all the time...