Not Because I Enjoy Them

But because Historyman LOVES them. He especially loves mine because it's extra creamy and extra smooth lol. Against lumps you see lol. So I make him mash as much as I can... usually cheesy garlic mash potato, because it's his favourite :D. I'm not really a fan of mash, but it makes him so happy.

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Yeah, I hear you. No one wants to admit they have burnt out and that its just not working. I'm an over acheiver myself and it was a huge confidence and self esteem blow to realize that I was just plain broken down. I'd placed so much self worth on doing well at study that when I started losing it it felt like I'd failed as a person. I've done counselling too, for a lot of the f-ed up stuff that happened to me lol. Didn't like the people doing it much. How was it for you?<br />
<br />
Love the sound of your bulbs!! Replete sounds fantastic. lol Of course he picked Manly lol. You should have seen the doona cover my guy picked out yesterday at Spotlight... it coudn't have screamed 'DUDE' any louder unless it was Ashton Kutcher with a megaphone lol.

With you on that was a really rough year - was in counselling and stuff because I was so low and it was such a blow to my self esteem - Im generally an over achiever and found it really hard to accept that burn out was legitimate. It still really gets at me though - I feel extra nervous about job hunting because of it.<br />
Anyway, I got the bulbs today - fresias - mixed colours, doubles, a pack of mixed daffodils and two pretty flash daffodils - ones called 'Replete' double, white and orangey red centre, the other is 'Manly' (which funnily enough Max picked! Lol) a yellow double with bright orange centre bits. I got some bulb food stuff toos o hopefully they grow ok!

Oooh, that will be beautiful! Spring bulbs, great idea. I love daffodils, let me know how it goes! My friend Amber gave me bulbs as a gift last year and I tried to raise them... but they got a fungus and died (my guy, he was a horticulturist thats how I know that they didn't just hate my tending lol). <br />
lol Grow-a-dentist... there, that's something for the future!! lol<br />
Oh yeah, work is really scarce on the ground these days :S. I hope you find something full-time soon! <br />
I'm sorry your graduate course didn't go so well. Don't worry, I almost got myself kicked from uni last year because I messed up so much. :S Its crazy how quickly things can just get out of hand and then its all f-ed up. Sigh.

Ahhh well, I have a plan for after harvest- spring bulbs. Heaps of daffodils and fresias. Then when spring hits I will have beautiful fragrant flowers to help welcome the warmer weather :D They need to go in soonish so the timing is pretty good.<br />
SO with you on the grow a dentist! LOL<br />
I attempted to do a post grad dip in Museum Studies last year but I made a real mess of it - I didnt finish but further study is out for me at the mo. Im looking for full time work - more or less anything will do, its just rather slim pickings with this economy climate. I have a part time retail job currently. So yes, Max is the only student :)

Awesome!! Especially on the beans front, I LOVE fresh raw beans. Yum. Sorry to hear about the radishes... love radishes too lol. But big ups on the rest of you harvest!!!! What'll you plant after this??? <br />
Ahhh, yeah, the student budget lol. Growing your own herbs and veggies is great for that... wish I could grow myself some dental work and maybe a mechanic though lol. <br />
You still studying? I know you did your double honours, but are you doing something else? Or is Max the only student left between you?

We have tried to this year! I bought a planter box thingy a few years ago with the idea of planting herbs to brighten up our student budget cooking. But I never really got around to it. So I dont really know what happened as such but last year at the start of summer I was just like, yip, Im doing it! My Nana is a keen gardener and we took her out with us to get plants, seedlings etc so we have had beans and spinach and Im about to pull the beetroot. I have some basil, the garlic chives, and thyme. Have also got some peas started. The only thing that really didnt work was Max's radishes - for some reason they were just all leaves no radish!

Ooooh, that sounds really nice! You guys grow a lot of herbs and veggies??? I can't wait to have a garden... my windowsil isn't habitable for anything past violets lol.

Eww you are so right, runny mush, lol.<br />
We grew some garlic chives - they are REALLY good in mashed spuds - nice mix of chivey and garlicy flavour without either one being over powering.

Gosh yes!!! I hate that too... that was my childhood experience of mash becuase mum would microwave carrots and peas or beans and never drain them poperly :S and it made this runny mush out of the bottom of my mash potatoes and I'm with you on 'yuck'. And the potatoes were always lumpy and really sloppy and boiled either too much or not enough :S and cold to boot. GAH! lol<br />
Oooh yes, spring onions on top are very yum!!! They are especially nice fried actually. Never tried it with chives though.

Thats sweet of you to make it coz he loves it. <br />
Its not my favourite either - the worst is when its served with boiled vegies and the water hasnt been drained properly and it all turns into soup. Yuck. <br />
But cheese definatly makes it more edible! I like some chives or spring onions in it too.