Instand Mashed Potatoes

When my oldest daugher was in Kindergarten, I was in college and working full time. My mother helped me so much and my time was so hurried with homework, raising my daughter, school, work...........Trying to balance everything. I used to cook quick meals as I flew out the door for night school. One day her Kindergarten teacher told me

"Melissa said she hated you because you fed her mashed potatoes out of the box."

LOLOL  I am a big fan of instants, even still today, they just have to be made the right way, not like wallpaper paste but that still cracks me up today. Sometimes she will still tell me "I hate you because you fed me instant mashed potatoes." maybe that's why she got all screwed up?

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10 Responses Mar 5, 2009

If you didn't add that special touch, you could spackle the walls with them! LOLOL

instant is fine and much faster but i do add that special touch!

They do! They were great too!

good girl, lol! ;)<br />
<br />
for some reason i think they go especially well with pork chops, although i like them with anything!

Haha! As I cooked supper tonight before I have to go to work, guess what I cooked with the pork chops? LOL<br />
Good thing my granddaughter isn't like her Mom. She asked for more! hahaha. Gotta love her!

lol! i like instant mashed potatoes too, but like you say, they have to be made just right. they really get a bad rap. if they're made properly then they're very good!

If she did "So sad, too bad!" LOL

Butter is way better than margarine anyway ;) ... That's a fun memory to always have :) ... <br />
Did the teacher report you ;) ... haha ...

LOL Butter, nothing but the best! LOL

I bet if you had put ice cream on top, Melissa would have sung a different tune ;) ... at least instant gravy? :) ...