Massage Parlor Experience

My friends and I were hanging out one night. We got plastered and decided to hit on any girls that weren't with their bf. I guess we were the only ones drunk at this bar because we all struck out. It was a bad night. Maybe because we were so bombed we were slurrying our speech? I don't know, I'm just recalling bits and pieces from that night. Well after that failed experience, we were still horned up. So someone in our group suggested we just head over to a massage parlor. We all thought it was a good idea in our drunken state. So we walked over to the bad part of the city. You have to ring a bell and they buzz you in. We were giddy like kids in a candy store when we saw all the Asian women there waiting to be chosen. It was unreal. I've never been to a place like this before. It was almost too good to be true. These girls were hot! And they were going to put their hands all over me? I couldn't wait to get in the room with any of them.
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