Licensed Therapist Since 2002

I have been a Licensed Massage and Relaxation Therapist for 10 years and enjoy being able to help others reduce the stress and tension of everyday life.
I am certified in the following:
Deep Tissue
Aroma therapy
Sports Massage
Hot stone
Medical Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Sports ( mostly for school age athletes)

1 hour sensual full-body Massage
90 minutes full-body  Massage
90 minutes Super Stress Buster
2 hours Couples Massage
Reflexology/Massage combo

I do all sessions from home, and truly enjoy just chatting with each person and finding out what is going on in their life. Seems many people just need someone to talk to, and I am glad to listen. I even have a shower available if so needed. I do couples massage on occasion, either at home or their location.
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I enjoy the totally nude massage without any draping of any sort. It is relaxing since it is non-sexual.

I'm in Orlando, FL--are you near?

How I wish I was in your area... What IS your area???

how often do you get asked for a happy ending? and is there an 'official' way of asking without offending a professional licensed therapist like yourself?

I so NEED a sensual massage... I wish I knew someone in the Seattle area who does that. Not really interested in an Asian parlour type experience....

Wow! That's very well put together! What's is Swedish massage all about???

I love massages .where are you? Im in florida

I especially like the part where U say that U are available to just listen . Sometimes besides a massage it is nice to have someone to just talk to .

Hi Amber, please add us, we would like to ask you a question... Michelle & Joe

Are you available now? :)

Question: What do you recommend that I do to find a competent massage therapist?<br />
<br />
Thank you.

if u from melbourne australia i would book u no worrys as u sound very good soft hands etc cheers darls

I have never had A professional massage by an licenced therapist nor A deasent massage by anyone who attempted. I bet one by you would feel great.

I love massages, and the lady that did mine was super great and prefered me to be nude under the sheet or towel which was perfectly fine but when I moved to another location and had a massage done, the lady requested I leave my shorts on. So my question is, how do you prefer your clients? I liked nude better because of less restriction and the massage just felt better. (Please dont misunderstand...No sexual issues here)

what age is for the sports massage and which parts of the body?

Do you accept new customers? How would I set up an appointment if you are near?

How do I schedule a couple's massage?

is the shower for after a happy ending?

Do you ever give a prostrate massage?

shame on you :) lol

have had some but only by a physical therapist :( whats the differences ??

Well, I had my annual deep tissue massage. It was painful. I felt great for about two hours afterwards, but was very sore for about 24 hours afterwards.

Hello SH, so what might be the best way for a client to ask his massuese for a release at the end of his massage? And better yet, how you you think it best to let them know that draping is not required or preferred, i hate all the time that they spend in adjusting the sheet and ensuring you are kept modest.LOL

If a therapist is willing to let you go undraped, she will usually tell you that is optional. Far as asking for an ending, best answer is don't ask. If they are willing to let you let you be uncovered, then she may be willing to offer more.

I go to one massage therapist that practices tantric massages. For the guys she performs the Lingham and for the women it's the Yoni. I have never let myself experience the Lingham, but she does ask me at the end of every session.<br />
<br />
I am curious, does it concern you that you maybe giving happy endings to married men and women? I'm not being judgmental at all, just asking. This particular therapist says that the clients that she performs the Lingham on are mostly married men that are not getting much at home. So, I'm just curious what you experience.

I know that many of them are married or have a GF, but am OK with that.

love massages and always looking for a great therapist. You sound like an awesome one.

i seriously love to get massages...but what i really like is to give them... im not a professional but i do try hard

How do I find someone with your work ethic in my area?

your post just brought back some memories. I had a friend who years ago went to school for this. I was her test / practice person. She knew that I was a nudist and felt comfortable asking me to disrobe. <br />
<br />
I think it was kind of funny that she felt that she had to ask my wife for her permission before she asked me if I would be willing to be her practice person.

i'm addict to be nude at home and that makes my Di**k hard everytime i was searching for therapist to have some talk about that can u help me !!

Wow thats an extensive list of massages thanks for sharing .May i get an add please gorgeous , would be my pleasure :)

I love getting massaged in full nude. I like giving massages also though not a professional but but can really relax a woman. after reading your post would love to give and take massage from you.

We love a couples sensual massage with a hot therapist like yourself !!

I enjoy giving them