I Had A 90min Massage Today

it was nice a Asian lady did it this time and it was lovely.   I got all blocked up in the nose however from laying face down and I had a little cry also ... the music made me think of my cat.  and I seen her happy on the other side ... and waiting for me... watching over me.

but it was so nice I think I could have taken the massage for hours. she did the posterior and anterior and head and face 

my back was the worst grief however aching in a few places

I could have fell asleep.  massage is so therapeutic I sometimes wish they would do extra things like use acupuncture in the sore areas or allow you to just cry .... or more privacy ... it was nice.

I don't think I could get sick of a massage if I tried.
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1 Response May 17, 2012

i always get a 90 min massage

I do when I can afford it