One Hot Massage!!

So...I know its about time for you to get off have been working soo hard for the past few weeks..I want to make this night all about you!  So early during the afternoon..I had went to our favorite adult store..and purchased some nice massage vanilla scent..and then onto the store and purchased some nice vanilla candles..came home changed the bed sheets to the nice silk sheets..arranged the candles in the room and changed myself into that little red dress you loved so much..I thought about dinner..but I figured it could wait a while until I had done my magic on you! I am so excited..because I know you are not expectig this at all... suddenly I hear you pull up into the driveway and then I hear you unlock the door..and as soon as you open the see me..standing there in the doorway with your favorite dress one..immediately you ask me "Are we going out for dinner?"..I  dont answer..I just take your hand and lead you to the bedroom..along the way I said.. "As soon as we get to the bedroom I want you to take off all your clothes and lay down on the bed..on your tummy.."..without any questions you do just as I say..then I excuse myself to the bathroom..there I take off my clothes and come to the bed..and the sit my now very bare hot box right flat on your back as I straddle you...I feel you wiggle a bit between my legs..I lean over and start to poor the hot oil on your shoulders and down your back...I start to rub it in a bit..then I lean over to reach your neck...this letting my breasts hang a bit teasing your back...with each movement off my body..I gentle rub and massage your shoulders..not fully being able to get to your shoulders..I slide my hot box up your back a now it is growing very hot and very I leave a wet trail up your back..I massage your shoulders..then move down to your back..sliding myself down your body...letting my breast tease your back as I massage you..I move lower down your back now...then I move futher I am at your ***..massaging and rubbing..teasing you with my breast..knowing just how much that will turn you now you are moaning with my every touch..finally..I slide my body up your back and whisper into your ear "Turn over baby" its time for me to massage your chest..I left myself up just enough so that you can flip over for me..and not much to my surprise..I am met with a very very hard manhood...I look at you and giggle and say.. "Hmmm...I wonder what caused that?" I am straddling your belly and hot box is sooo hot for you..but I continue with my massage..I spread oil on your chest..massage it and play with and tease your nipples..I massage down your belly to your very anxious hard manhood...I start to massage around him..teasing you a bit..I wrap my hands every soo lightly around your manhood..and gently begin to massage...rubbing the base..all the way up to the tip with one hand and with other I begin to massage your balls..rub and massage them ever so soft and gently ..I want you to enjoy this just as long as you can..your breathing is growing deeper and harder..and now your hips are beginning to move in rythm with my hands..I continue to massage and tease your hand begins to move harder and faster..until I know you are about ready to explode..then suddenly I stop..slowly I move my body until I am now straddling your eager manhood..and ever so slowly..ease my hot box down onto your manhood..teasing you..putting just the head in and then moving off of him..finally..inch by inch until he is deep inside me..oh wonderful he feels...I now move my body..slowly and sensual up and down your your hands are now roaming my body..pinching and pulling my nipples..with each pinch..I feel my hot box grow hotter and wetter..until I can no longer take it..and my movements grow harder and faster..until I feel my hotbox start to throb..and as it throbs it milks your manhood until finally I feel the first wave of your ***..this sends me over the hot box explodes onto your hot and wet..I can feel our juices running down my legs.."Oh my are soo damn hot.."  I say to I milk every last drop of your ***..then lean over and whisper... "How did you enjoy your massage baby?"..
theheartofmemphis theheartofmemphis
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12 Responses May 23, 2012

OMG so hot. I am throbbing rite now. So well written. I would love a massage rite now :)

Very hot! Got me hard in no time and had to get off....

actually looking for someone to give my wife a sensual massage is how i found EP. lol

OMG! you leave me very Very aroused!.
I would love to recepricate. :D

This story was a huge turn on for me. You sure have a way about you. ;)

OMG.... what a story, I am there and I would like to sign up...

Wow! more than a little hard now!

Can I be next!

That is my kind of massage!

Well....I'd tell you that I loved it...except that I think I just passed out from all that wonderful loving you just gave me! You sweet minx! You know that you're driving us crazy....for more of you, that is. Are you up for it? Because I certainly am...... (and I definitely want to return the favor...the massage...and the loving)!!!!!!!


thats soooo hot