Massage Release

As a Massage Therapist, I have gotten many men off by hand over the past 12 years. I see nothing wrong with providing a sensual release to reduce their stress. Plus I really enjoy seeing them spurt.
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If there are any women here who would like a massage in the DC area, let me know and we'll see what we can put together. Where I work I'm only able to do men, so giving to woman would be a great change of pace. This includes sensual of course. I'd like to exchange of course.

We thank you for your pubic service! ;-)

Just my luck we have no such pleasures available in our little town :(

To find a lady who can give a great massage and the release is truly special.


Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

A message therapist like you could have saved me from a lot of stressful days, weeks and awful headaches ;)<br />
<br />
How do you figure out that your client is longing for some special treatment?

I haven't had a good massage in years (erotic or otherwise). As a massage therapist I've been giving but don't have any clients who want to go there, then again, my clients are only men. I'd LOVE to have women but there's one thing stopping wife!!! I'm looking to exchange, anyone up for that?

I had a few, but a naked massage is very sensual and good...

Do you let men roam when your giving them a happy ending ?

My 1st experience in a massage spa 1978 Pusan South Korea included well a bit more than a *******.<br />
I was 18 years and a day was my 1st visit to Korea also.<br />
Over the years have developed a keen liking for a " complete " massage, and do agree there is nothing wrong with a sensual release.<br />
Massage is about relaxing and releasing tension..


when i was young I had a fantasy about being a paid therapist. It wasn't until I wa about 35 that I decided to live life for ME and do what I enjoy. there have been many handjobs (and more) since then.

Oh wow, awesome... erotic massages like that are a guilty pleasure that I am addicted to but has totally drained my bank account!

Ditto Jview's comment. I expect that you have a pretty loyal group of clients.