My New Vice.... Massage Envy Thank You Shannon

I went to visit my sister in Manassas, Virgina a couple of weeks ago. She took me to Massage Envy there. I had never been to a spa and I thought facials were for ladies... anyways... I got the full treatment, facial and body massage and OMG I'm hooked... the facial... was nice and she did my arms and hands also but the body massage is on my list to do regularly. In fact there is a Massage Envy here in town where I live so....I'm going next week.
The massage therapist was Shannon a soft spoken young woman who knew her stuff and all the right spots.... I went to sleep a couple of times and at times I had to think about baseball if you know what I mean...

If you haven't ever treated yourself ,I highly recommend it.
guythatwalks guythatwalks
51-55, M
1 Response Jun 22, 2012

Oh, man. I need a massage so badly.