Good Therapy (:

I always fall asleep when getting the treatment (: I lay on my belly so he can apply warm oils head to toe..I hv no probs being naked for my treatment bcuz he's totally professional, and I think he's gay..he puts these warm jade stones all down the middle of my back, in my *** crack n one pressed on the muffin (: then he totally works my back, cracking it and so on..then he does Acupressure and Acupuncture treatments.... by this time, I'm out like a light, he has to wake me up to move me! I go twice a week, and always on Sunday..nothing like a royal massage when your still half blitzed from last nite (:
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Id love something like that but i hate being touched by someone I don't know

I got one once for my birthday. which is coming up soon.

My wife who is 46 has recently gotten addicted to massages at a cost of about 100 every other week - but well worth it. She goes to a young athletic black male. At first she was covered but now does it nude. She loves it and always comes back in a good mood and I find it pretty erotic for some reason. The massages are professional, alot of stretching, sports minded. She wants to learn and may start practicing on him. I never would have gone for this in my younger days but now am more accepting. The massages are physical and healthy but my wife does find it erotic being naked for this young well built athletic guy. I do confess we have had good sex after. I'm not sure where she massaging him will lead and I am a bit nervous but also excited in a way. I told her to do what she feels comfortable with. What do you think?

i think its ok as long as she tells u everything about her u gotta find some hot young babygrl to rub u down into a relaxing tub of melted butter (:
just think if BOTH of ur getting the same type therapy how things could improve all around (: plus it wuld be fun (: if ur married, i dont see anything wrong with a little happy ending action (: as long as its professional

I love accupuncture.. I got massages and other body work treatments in rehab.. accupuncture and reiki are my two favorite, I still get reiki a lot.. it's fantastic.

ya reiki is awesome, it was sorta hard finding someone that does it well that i can see on a reg type basis

that's funny, I feel the exact same way.. the best girl I had to do it was in Tucson Arizona.. haven't found anyone able to do it quite like her since. Are you familiar with zero-balancing?

It sounds wonderful.


It is very nice...totally relaxing (: