Love Massage

Everytime I get a massage, I get a throbbing erection. I love being exposed in that way.

vinceBx vinceBx
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6 Responses Jul 2, 2008

I've not experienced an official massage but my wife has and it was at a 'nude swim' at a spa...although it looked great, I had her do this as a present because she was having back trouble, etc.....<br />
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I have been in 'couple' and/or just me and one or two female situations where I really didn't know they were going to be totally nude and so was I...AND my erection was not only 'expected' or 'anticipated' but 'welcomed!"<br />
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I'm not stupid, but when a woman or two women invite you for an after workout at the gym jaccuzi and massage party...and when wine and other stuff is brought out with the fruit and finger food supplied...then they tell you they do this without wearting any clothes at kind of get the go ahead to let it happen and of course, as I said, "It was welcomed!"

me too!!

nice ! :)

Well, my brain is extremely optimistic....

same here! ;-)