Massage Exchange

A while back I was in the military reserves and we were required to run a mile and a half. A woman in my unit always had trouble meeting this task so I helped her by pacing her so she could pass. After one such run she told me she was learning massage therapy and as a reward, and so she could meet her requirements for school, she would be happy to give me a massage.

We went to her apartment after we were done and she had a massage table set up in her sparse living room. It was a one room apartment with no separate bedroom. We both just stood there in our uniforms not exactly knowing what to do next. She told me to get comfortable and lie face down on the table. I asked her how much I should take off and she said not to be shy, whatever was comfortable for me. She watched as I removed my clothes until I was down to my underwear and climbed onto the table. Before she put oil on her hands I felt her pulling down my briefs. She said that she didn't want to get oil on my clothes. I started to get an erection but was lying on my stomach. She gave an excellent massage and I was quite relaxed. When she told me to turn over, my erection had subsided. She wasn't using any draping and when she saw my penis she just smiled and said "nice."

When she was done I asked her if I could return the favor since I knew something about massage. She thought that would be wonderful as she ******** out of her uniform. After she was lying nude on the table I massaged her back and legs. When I told her to turn over she told me it was okay to massage her breasts. I was standing by her side massaging her breasts with a raging hardon when I felt her hand grip my erection. She was massaging me again. When I asked her how much weight the table could hold, she said to climb up and find out. The tables will hold two people i found out. i climbed up and kneeled over her pubic area with my feet by her thighs. She reached up and pulled my head down to her face and we kissed. It was one of the best massage exchanges I ever had.
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I belong to massage exchange now and have had some interesting experiences

Massage exchange is a meetup group. Just type in meetup massage exchange and you will be asked to join. Then just contact people on the list be it men or women.