My Wife's Girls Group

Several years ago my wife gave me a massage table as I love to give massages. Most of the time it's just my wife that gets a massage, but the other night she had three of her friends over for a 'book club' discussion. They start out talking about books but end up talking about pretty much everything.

At some point the discussion turned to massage and I was called out from my office to rub the shoulders of one of the girls (they're all mid-thirties). I had her sit in a chair for a while while I rubbed her shoulders, but then mentioned this would be a whole lot easier on the table.

I got the table out and rubbed the girls shoulders and back for about 10 mins. Then one of the other girls wanted to try out the table. I obliged with rubbing her back and shoulders for about 10 mins. The third girl then wanted a shot and asked if it was ok if she took her shirt off. My wife was ok, I was ok, so off came the shirt. "It's a lot easier to get to the muscles when I'm not fighting clothing," I said as I began working on her back.

That was enough to suggest the first girl get back on the table with out her top. As I worked my way back through the girls we talked about massage and whether I was open to giving a full body massage. "Of course," I said. "Probably not tonight as it's already getting close to 10 and I have an early morning tomorrow. But schedule it and sure, I'd be happy to." My wife confirmed my love of giving massages and promised she'd schedule something.


A few days later the third girl texted me she was really struggling with back pain and wondered if I could give her a quicky massage that afternoon. I replied that massages are no quickies, but yea, I could be home by 4-ish if that worked.

When I got home she was there waiting for me. I went to my office to get the table and by the time I was back in the living room she was naked. "I was hoping to get an all over massage, if you're willing to take the time."

She's really sexy and standing their naked lots of thoughts popped into my head. "Sure, I have the time." I focused on setting up the table and the massage I was about to give.

I worked on her back for a solid 20 minutes getting into the rhythm of the massage. When I asked her to turn over, she obliged. I'd forgotten about her being nude and was focused on the massage. But the site of her slightly trimmed black bush and full breasts got me thinking other things. Still, she was here for back pain. So, I focused on her shoulders and neck area.

It was plenty warm in the house but her nipples were standing up like Eiffel Towers. That's not all the unusual during a massage, but normally I have a sheet over them. As I worked I moved down her body. I worked on her arms and hands. I let got of one hand and it flopped to the table then bounced against my crotch. I hadn't realized I was sporting a woody, but she was. She caressed the outline of my **** a couple of times and said, "I'm glad you're enjoying this."

I moved to rub her abdomen, but didn't prevent her from continuing to rub my ****. My thoughts were studdering, not sure what to do. As I moved to her hips she pulled her knees up, spreading her legs, "Are you going to give me an 'all over' massage?"

I looked down between her legs and could see her flushed and spread, her vaginal lips moist. "Normally that's not part of the massage."

"But you want to, I can feel it." So I slid a hand between her legs and started fingering her ****. It was only moments before I felt her unzip my trousers and pull out my ****. She was giving me a hand job while I fingered her. We both came fairly quick.

"That was nice," she said, as she sat up. "I need to get home, but I hope I can get another massage sometime."

She dressed and left... That was three days ago.
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That's it! I'm getting a massage table!

You really need one... best thing I own!

excellent!! you must share more on the next one!!