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I love really good massages if someone knows how to give them right. Some people that gives them can be a little too rough. I know one time my sister had this party where you could get a full body or just a back massage. I got the back massage cause that's where I have the most problems especially in my lower part cause I'm big chested. And at the time it felt really good and felt better. The next morning when I woke up my muscles were sore and I had to go to work like that and work it out. It took at least a couple of days to work itself out. I got lucky being married to someone that knows about giving massages. I mean he's really good and knows what he's doing. The woman he was suppose to marry was a massage therapist so he knows the techniques. So I got lucky I married a man who's good in bed, cooks good and gives good massages.
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You are a lucky girl!

I remember going for a massage that did more harm than good... I didn't know it was going to be a deep tissue massage, but because of how my husband had boasted about how helpful they are I gritted my teeth and stayed for the duration, thinking "no pain, no gain". The pain was unimaginable - almost cried, and almost peed as a direct result of the pressure. On departure the woman said I'd be sore for a day or two (fair enough I thought if it does me well)... But heavens no, I was sore for FOUR WEEKS!! Needless to say never again....

But I have had some wonderful remedial massages, always at a woman's hand. But since the last one has moved on I might just be forced to see a guy *nerves!*

DAMN FOUR WEEKS?! i don't see how you made it, i never could've, if that was me getting that painful massage i would've made them quit after it first started to hurt

I was tempted so many times but really thought it was going to be better after. I think the most relaxing thing about that massage was when it ended finally!

yeah i bet, i bet it was the longest massage you've ever had lol

Oh goodness hun! Next time, be sure to find a therapist that has better communication skills! I'm a licensed massage therapist. Any time I go too deeply, I can tell just by the client's breathing that it needs to be lessened. Seriously, this therapist must have been completely out of touch! Good luck finding a new therapist. Be sure to speak up! A massage should not hurt, that is completely counter intuitive to the intentions of the session.

Much luck with your next mt!

yeah i agree, if you're going to pay them money for doing that then it shouldn't have to be painful

It depends on the type of massage you're asking for I guess. As I mentioned, I didn't know it was going to be a deep tissue massage when I went. I quickly figured it out though and only stuck with it because I thought it would be better in the long run... Not so!

is that the kind of massage you asked for?

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