Fer Un Massatge

Yesterday, as I got ready for school I had a strange incident with my friend Marguerite's father Franck. During this he offered me a full-body massage, and although I was a little puzzled, even baffled, when he arrived home last night (during the week I live with them in Perpignan) he reiterated the offer.

Marguerite wasn't home, she had a piano lesson across the other side of avenue Victor Dalbiez, and her mother was at work still, and would be for another hour, so we would be alone. He said I should have a shower first and then he would help me work out the day.

I emerged from the bathroom wrapped in my shortie cotton wrap, and he was waiting there outside for me. He suggested going to his bedroom, since I would have room there for him to get on either side of me. My bed in Marguerite's room is against a wall, so you can't walk around it.

I followed him there, and he turned to watch me. His, their, bed is quite large, old style metal with a kind of sideways ladder headboard, and slightly narrower sideways ladder footboard. He found his little aromatherapy oils carrier, and selected lavender oil.

Removing my wrap to being naked I lay, positioned myself prone on his bed, and he opened the lavender oil, it's scent penetrating the nervousness I was feeling. He began with the nape of my neck, and worked out along the tops of my shoulders. He moved onto my shoulder blades, and down towards the small of my back. I began to relax.

He switched to my ankles, and began rubbing the oil into my calves, and behind my knees, then up towards my thighs. Soon he was kneading my buttocks, and he could a dribble of oil as it rolled into the crevice between them. I was surprised when he pressed down to separate my thighs a little, and began rubbing the oil between my thighs, moving up towards my anus. He touched my ***** briefly as he did this, with his fingertips, before pushing down the backs of my thighs again.

He told me to turn over and lay supine. I asked if the oil would be alright on his duvet cover, and he wasn't troubled. He began at my feet, but was quick to move straight up to my neck, and then my breasts. I was stimulated by this, and enjoyed it!

He didn't remain there long, but massaged down my torso, towards my hips. He began working the oil into my lower torso, just above my groin, slowly moving towards my mons veneris.

Just at that moment the door banged. Marguerite was home!
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Great story. Were you "dripping with anticipation" of what was coming next?

Super story well written...what happened next??

Damn!! Just as it was getting Good :-) Next time maybe?

Looks like music , he is just playing piano as well :)