Giving and Receiving


I am interested a great deal in alternative health and the extent to which massage can enable stress relief through manipulating various parts of the body with the hands and fingers. 

Touch is an essential requirement of humans- a sense of connecting and through touch enabling so many benefits mentally and physically, from encouraging relaxation, relieving pain, encouraging a certain mood and within that improving circulation

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1 Response Aug 20, 2008

I am going for a massage next Thursday after work-can't wait-treat myself to them occasionally and it's been a while. Last one was full body-was first time I had had one-amazing! Had received a certificate for it for my birthday-the massage therapist said I'll give you a full one as a birthday gift! Nice!!!! I try and make my appt. for the last one of her day-then she takes longer on me-I love it! Honestly though, wish it were today as I'm hurtin! My neck, shoulders all knotted up---oh wait-had a chair massage last Saturday-was at an antique festival it started to pour-so I ran into the tent-and sure enough--it was the massage tent-so I had one for 15 minutes with hundreds of people walking around-felt good just not long enough!