Rub Down Search and Find

As printed in a previous story last week my hubby and I were in a bit of a sex battle. Over the weekend we discussed and discarded and now see eye to eye. After our long conversation we were all over each other since it had been a while for the both of us. In the midst of our weekend sexual rendevous my hubby decides to give me an erotic rub down with some very yummy and sexy lotion! There I layed butt naked on our bed while he started rubbing my back. apparently I have the bladder of a ninety year old woman and in the middle of my rub down have to excuse myself to the bathroom. Tiny delay and right back in bed. So on he rubs my back, arms, neck, chest, legs, and before I know it his lathered hands are moving elsewhere! I feel a tug at my nether regions and tell him that that hair is attached. he looked at me and grins " This isn't!" as he is holding a peice of toilet paper in between his fingers! I shrugged it off and said "Well at least you know I whiped!" I guess that is the good thing about being married, not much embarrasses you anymore!!
Luci Luci
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 30, 2007

Very funny

im never hear the end of it LOL

Now this is a funny story! Thanks for not being too uptight and not sharing.