Slap It Up And Rub It Down

Oh my what is better than having a good rub down ..

(hold on wait I'm thinking no nothing comes to mind)


My experience takes place in a land far far away known as Spa

Yes it is a magical land where scented candles greet your every turn ,

every bed has soft cotton combed sheets and you are naked most of

the time (first few minutes are awkward, but by the end who cares) and

this is where it gets good because as I laid there,  in walked in 6 3'

blond whats his name ( wasn't important ) yes I got a little tense , hey

I'm naked on my stomach with nothing but a smile and a sheet

between me and Mr Bombshell , oh but all the tension melted when he

put those

huge hands on me and rubbed , I am not ashamed to say he worked

my body like a fiddle , (the non x rated parts come on people I would

have knocked him on his behind no matter how big)

he was talking but I didn't hear a thing just the sound of a weeks worth

of bad bosses, burnt coffee , jealous coworkers and complaining

families dropping off of me faster than a g string off a ******** on



ahhhhhh by the time Blondie was done , my body felt loose

and tension free . I got up thanked him , wondered why he stood there

grinning had to shoo him out, got dressed in my clothes (memo to self

getting thigh high stockings and stilettos and snug skirts back on while

your legs and arms feel like jello is an hour long process dress simple

next time)


But I left there feeling light and free and a little bouncy , yes I must

say .. I also left with  Big Blondie and Beautiful's  number , I guess

I should have paid more attention to him while he worked my muscles

like a part time job.....


So girls and guys moral of this tale is go ahead treat yourself you will

feel better , you will feel pampered and yes you may even snag a

dinner date on the side ........

La  Fin'    ;)


softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
6 Responses Nov 7, 2009

You're soooo right, a good massage is the best!

*ROFL* I love your title. I've heard a lot of ways to say it as a masseur, but yours takes the cake.

=-P and I will add to that face a blush and giggle !


*high fives dolly diva *<br />
<br />
yes it was wonderful choppy :)

with my pleasure sugar ;)<br />
I know how you feel ...

omg I am with you . Mr BBB did my footsies and let me tell you heaven on earth!!!! Thank you darlng for your comment ;)

I love good and hard foot massage ... feel like heaven ;-)