I Enjoy Nude Massages

I recently went to my wife's masseuse for a massage when she suggested that a massage will ease up my migraines. I went to her this day day when I had a really bad one (nausea and all). I also suffer from back pain, so I told her if she can deep massage my waist and butt too. She said that she had no problem with that.

 I had on my underwear, I was not covered covered with a sheet. However to massage my butt properly, she had to shift my underwear into my crease which was not comfortable at all! I asked her if she would object if I removed my underwear and she not that it was up to me, if I was ok with it. Normally, if I am home with a migraine, I will shower and lie down naked.

Even though I was naked in the presence of another woman, I did not get an erection! I was really surprised by this since I thought that I would have gotten an erection given the situation. I must say that I totally enjoyed my session; my migraine was gone and I plan to visit her again for more massages in the future. 

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I wish I could afford to go to a masseur, but at last I am a poor college student. But if I do I would also have to do it nude how else can you really enjoy the muscles being relaxed if something else is pulling on them.

Maybe you can look for friends who like to trade massages!

That is a thought, but I don't know how long it would take for either of us to learn how to do it correctly. There might be a place that teaches it near here though,

You can searich online

I will have to do that for sure as there is no better way to relax then to get a massage all natural.

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With greater understanding comes wisdom! Being nude does not have anything necessarily to do with sexuality, which certainly is different to sensuality, as Indynudist said..

I get waxed whole body and when I am i'm usually just wearing a thong. They used to be opaque but I started wearing sheer and net varieties. My therapist never said anything, and Now I get a brazillian from her and I'm totally nude for that and never gotten an erection.

Thanks Adventures in touch, I have realised this too! It is so good to realise that I am normal!!!

I am glad to know that I am normal! I do appreciate the difference between sensual and sexual...thanks!

I get nude massages all the time, and I never have erections. It's an experience that is sensual, but not sexual. My Massage Therapist is very professional, and she is also a friend.