Chair Masses Are Easy, Convenient, Effective And Lucrative

As a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1996, I mainly worked at salons and day spas. After a couple of dental hygienists received hour long massages from me, they suggested I come to their dental office and offer ten minute chair massages during their break time. I am still doing it presently, on Wednesdays! They call it Kay It's usually $1 a minute, and kneading/pressure massage is provided over the neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and head...very relaxing,yet stimulating. It's conveniently done over clothes. and my chair is set up in the dentist's office. Ten minutes is quite a teaser, but enough to give the ladies much needed tension release.
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Wow, your friend, Carrie, must have serious past issues with dental work. It could be something not as obvious as a male doctor/dentist, such as the sound of the drill, or whatever... who knows?! That is scary, though. I know, from hearing stories, that my sister was very scared of needles, getting shots, as a child. I never had any problems with getting a shot in the arm with fast acting medications...better than swallowing pills! Maybe with time and age, and inner work, Carrie can lessen her fears. You could give her support and encouragement to say positive affirmation statements related to going to the dentist.<br />
Take care!

That sounds great! They do not do that here (I don't think). I know so many people that are terrified of the dentist. My friend Carrie has to take a valium before she goes (Dr. prescribed of course). One time they had to stop and schedule her for surgery for something they could have done in the office. She was that scared!