The Very First Time.

I was only a young girl the first time I wet ***********.
I was with my mother on one of her rare visits to a friends house.
This friend had boys that were as eager to play those sweet games that we play as children to try to gauge if we were mutants down there or like everyone else.
Well kids know if you go where the adults aren't and leave them be, you can have an interesting time.
A good spot to be out of sight was behind something like a garage or the bushes at the end of the backyard.
As long as no one could see you, the odds of getting caught were slim. I was the only girl, yet again, but it was different this time because i was the oldest one there and I could say what would happen.
Well popular demand was the boys wanted to see a girl pee. I didn't have any problem with this as long as they would pee for me too.
I pulled my panties down enough to squat. I let out a nice trickle , enough so that my socks and shoes would not get wet. I have always loved peeing outside it feels so natural.
I even let some of them touch my peeing fanny.
They were as curious as I was to see how things worked.
Boy was I impressed with their pee drawing skills on the back fence.
There must have been six or more of us .
I noticed that there was a wooden rocking horse. I must have been aroused because the contact my crotch was making with the seat gave me a very good feeling down there. I became curious as to whether I could rock and pee at the same time. Peeing and rubbing was the best feeling I'd had till then.
The boys were checking each other out so I was not interrupted pushing my squishy down there bits into the rocking horse seat . Peeing fetish begins...
I often think back to that time with panties starting to drip with *** and wonder what it would feel like now to do this. Makes me want to **** so bad.....Mmmmm
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How old were you when this took place? Did the boys pee for you, and what did you think watching them doing it? When I tried to watch a 5 year old girl pee, she chickened out after watching me pee. It was years before I got to watch my first girl pee, and by then, she was my wife.

That story brings back memories...I was the youngest kid on the street, and I remember the older kids talking me into the "show and tell" games.

I would pee squirt by squirt into my skintight jeans in public for you...

WHen I pee and ********** I *** so hard

This is such a great way to kickstart your (secret) sexlife.
My first time ******* was when I was humping a wet bed.

I can totally imagine you sitting there humping squishing squeezing figetting, making sloshy noised, breathing heavily... steamy hott!

You can rock on me if you like....

I love the photo on this story line. It is my absolute favourite so far. So horny making....

Have to agree.

How about some mutual pee play ... we can sit on the rocking horse together and get each other wet ... and horny ...

You can watch me pee if I can watch you pee.... :-)