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Spell It!

It drives me nuts, it's M a s t u r b a t i n g not M a s t e r b a t i n g !
ThisIsNotBilly ThisIsNotBilly 26-30, M 7 Responses Dec 15, 2007

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"Rub one out" is so much easier.

Milky likes this mnemonic device - you do this to yourself, so remember to put u in the middle (not e).<br />
<br />
That one cracks Milky up.<br />
<br />
PS Thank you for your advocacy of good spelling. I am so turned on by your standing up for what is correct that I almost need to go touch myself.<br />
<br />

Now, thats hilarious. Normally, I would correct bad spelling and grammar. But anything goes here.

A woman turned on by correct still my beating heart! I have to restrain myself several times per day when on EP due to the poor spelling.

Again and again!

lol, THANK YOU for this!

Who doesn't?

It's one of the few words that drive me crazy! says the "SPELLING NAZI"? Just messing with you....couldn't help myself, after that slight ANAL correction. LMAO

I know ,this site is certainly not English class.

Leave the guy alone. If native speakers can't be bothered to use correct spelling, what hope is there for anyone with English as a second or third language? If you go too far down that road you end up with a mutual lack of intelligibility.