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Don't Knock ************

it is sex with someone i love.

sexyshedevil sexyshedevil 26-30, F 45 Responses Jan 1, 2012

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We both love to **********, both alone and together. we love the picture. Please add us. Check out our albums and leave some comments. EP deleted all of our stories. Thank you.

Please add me so I can ********** while looking at your photos. ;-)

Great picture. Check out our story about mutual ************. Please add us. Thank you.

Right on!

I never knock ************, especially since I've been doing it practiclally every ******* day since I was around 10 or so.

I ♡ the squirt

Stunning xxx💋💋💋

is that you cuz if it is u are sooooooo hot lol. add me plz

Your very right !

Can't argue with something so obviously true.

Short. Sweet and oh so cute.

You're so right.

The expression on her face says it all. Enjoy.

Exactly right G/F!

Love the picture

love it =] very good and sexy picture !!!

Very well put ! - The picture is good too

It's sex with who ever you want it to be, imagination is a great thing

Hi ya ... saw your profile picture - had to stop by and say hi.

I have to be careful last time I did it I pulled a muscle

It was my first sexual experience with a HOT woman!!! Gotta love and do it over and over again.

Oh, I never knock masturabation. I do it too often to ever knock it!


I love you ************!

Beautiful, just beautiful.

I want to see you and ***, can you add me?)

i love watching my wife while ************.


that is so true

Your hand never says no.

You covered it in Seven words. Well said.

A very wise and witty sentiment, I applaud you :)

You are so very right - and the one I love knows all the right spots to bring me to a hard ******

its nice when you have someone who you can share your dirty thoughts with and live your fancies....just giveing you a hint i need a **** now has me sloppy down there

Perfect! I like the way you expressed yourself. After all, mastrbation is a form of delf ex<x>pression. BTW that picture just got my wet-on started!

You are so right on this one honey.......

Yes, and YOU know best how to please YOURSELF as you know your sensitive places and how to stimulate yourself.

Very funny and I hope also true.

Well Put. I agree!

Mutual ************ is the next step hun. Wanna try it??

If ************ is having sex with someone you love then I've been loving myself ever since I was ten and haven't stop yet!

Lol that's awesome.

Love it! Where u from?

Love it! Where u from?

In that case I love myself a lot.


I can't add you but never mind. Your spirit is with me always.

i added you. :)