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My Ex-wife Saw -----

My ex-wife and I had been out for a neighborhood walk and grabbed a cup of coffee and chatted for a while at the local coffee shop.  On our way back home as we were walking down one particular block I glanced over and noticed through the living room window of a house a fellow playing with his ****.   I stopped and told my ex to take a look.........we realized that he was watching a ***** on the TV and that it obviously had him excited and needed to release some tension. 
I think my ex was impressed by the size of his **** - then she asked me if I did that at all - I came straight and said I did, mostly when I was on the road traveling for a week and she wasn't with me........she was mesmerized  by the view as we stood there and continued to watch, she said she wasn't moving until he shot his load.  As he continued to jack himself off, she reached my crotch and started to rub my **** until he came. 
We continued our walk home and once we got there she was so hot she wanted sex right then,,,,,,,,,,during our sex she began to talk about his **** and about me ************ while away from home and said that she wanted to watch me do it sometime.
After that we had many phone sex sessions where we both *********** as we talked dirty to each other........
pluris pluris 51-55, M 4 Responses Jun 8, 2012

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Your ex ? Wow cool for you 2!!!!!!

Yes we watched each other, sometimes side by side, sometimes face to face, sometimes as we sat on the couch side by side watching a **** flick as well....

skype is good

Yes we did in fact many times, some of the ones that were the most exciting was while we watched **** and discussed the action and what excited each other about the different scenes, we also discussed if there would be some opportunities to play when maybe another couple could be there as well - alas - this never did happen....<br />
<br />
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