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honestly i never doing this kind of stuff, but i have though will try and see but i don't know when.....! so the other night i was watching 1000 ways to die,and i didn't expected to see that young women die cuz she try to please herself, and now my thought just gone and i scared as hell, i am totally will wait for my lover come and please me....!
bunga87 bunga87 26-30, F 10 Responses Jun 12, 2012

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hahahahahaha...wrong movie!

And at the wrong time eeh

hahahahahahaha....yeah :)

so have you *********** yet?

not yet.

have you enjoyed the feeling of pleasure that an ****** gives you?

************ is such a lovely experience. It is so amazing the sensation you can have using your own fingers.


I saw that episode! Well she put something that are not safe inside herself. If you doit nice and safe, it will be a good and sexy experience..

That's rare to die from ************. Just start with using your fingers by rubbing your ****. It is very healthy

no way, ************ is healthy thing n its common to enjoy that...

You are missing out on so much.<br />
Also your lover will be able to please you better if you know exactly what works for you.<br />
Hugs<br />

What? No way! I tell you what, read some of my stories and tell me that they don't make you hot down there. If you can resist touching yourself, well, then your a strong woman. Can you be honest about it? LOL.

okay i just read your story it's was good to be honest but i don't get hot at all...! you are good writing tho :)

Well, thanks for reading it. Which story did you read? Thanks for the compliment.

i was read this one was very good A Fantasy of 64283cid :)

Try the Alice stories parts one and two. Then there are my true stories like "Introduction to sex..." let me know what you think.
"A Fantasy of 64283cid" is pretty out there. LOL

hahahah ooh yeah that story you wrote was awesome but didn't get me :) LOL

I think your keeping yourself from wanting to get turned on. That's what I think. lol

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i love to watch **** and **********, i will watch a nice long movie or a couple of short ones and just slowly stroke until i get to that point where i just can't take teasing myself any more, because its all about prolonging the pleasure as much as possible. and there are many different ways in which i like to discharge my weapon, but mostly i like making it messy.... how bout you? add me plz

You are the man! love to watch a movie with you