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honestly i never doing this kind of stuff, but i have though will try and see but i don't know when.....! so the other night i was watching 1000 ways to die,and i didn't expected to see that young women die cuz she try to please herself, and now my thought just gone and i scared as hell, i am totally will wait for my lover come and please me....!
bunga87 bunga87 26-30, F 9 Responses Jun 12, 2012

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You will never die in ************ unless you have an incredibly serious health condition. Just enjoy it!

hahahahahaha...wrong movie!

And at the wrong time eeh

hahahahahahaha....yeah :)

so have you *********** yet?

not yet.

have you enjoyed the feeling of pleasure that an ****** gives you?


I saw that episode! Well she put something that are not safe inside herself. If you doit nice and safe, it will be a good and sexy experience..

That's rare to die from ************. Just start with using your fingers by rubbing your ****. It is very healthy

no way, ************ is healthy thing n its common to enjoy that...

You are missing out on so much.<br />
Also your lover will be able to please you better if you know exactly what works for you.<br />
Hugs<br />

i love to watch **** and **********, i will watch a nice long movie or a couple of short ones and just slowly stroke until i get to that point where i just can't take teasing myself any more, because its all about prolonging the pleasure as much as possible. and there are many different ways in which i like to discharge my weapon, but mostly i like making it messy.... how bout you? add me plz

You are the man! love to watch a movie with you