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I Probably Do It Too Much! I Worry About My Eyesight! Haha!

I love the feel of an ******.

I have a clitoral ****** many times when I play, but it takes a vibrator or *****, or a man, to give me a vaginal ******.

These last are essential to my existence!
Alphe92 Alphe92 18-21, F 14 Responses Jun 30, 2012

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LOL....don't we all...been doing it maybe too much if thats possible .

Oh man! that is so sexy! I'd love to help ya out an give you a massive ****** sometime x3

I want to viabrate your vigina really Badlly and them u can do it to me

I would love to give you the essentials to your existance.

where your husband ??????

I want to play with your *****<br />
I can make u another woman

I would be more than willing to help you with your needs

as would I...

maybe thats why I can ********** 3x and it only takes off the edge or makes me even hornier. need something actually in there, lol

Love to help you with that! My fav thing is watching a girls eyes as she reached climax... makes me tingle just thinking about it!

nice to know, nice to know

Actually one automatically closes the eyes during climax; this is just natural. Once I reached that point I demanded my ex g/f to look into my eyes while I'm having an ****** and consciously looked into her eyes while my ******; that was intense.
What I love so much are the facial expressions before climax... there is nothing naughtier than this in the world... it's so animalistic and bold...

yes it is. my hubby hates for me to look at him while we kiss. probably cuz of my lazy eye. doesn't much like kissing anymore period.

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Well at least keep it up until you need glasses!

There is nothing bad with ************ as many times as you need it .I'd LOVE to observe you ************ and helping give you a vaginal ****** :)<br />
Il n'y a rien de mauvais en se masturbant autant de fois qu'il te le faut. J'aimerai bein t'observer pendant que tu te masturbes et t'aider à avoir de bon orgasmes vaginaux :)

There is no co-relation between eyesight and sex. Have happy sex as much as possible. It never hurts your eyesight.

it is the ultimate high

great story... there isnt a better way to relieve the pressures of the day..... please add me as a friend

vaginal given by a man , must be preferable for you ?