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I'm at 36000 ft been on a plane about 5 hours on my way back from Germany I'm setting by this rude German who I tried flirting with but just got a stone wall some I'm bored I'm horny and I'm think I've *********** while driving in doctors offices, public bathrooms, school, outside, up side down in the shower now its plane time walk to the plane bathroom and started in I wasn'tt there just to do it I wanted to have fun so I did starting slow and just putting myself on the edge then I stop and go again meaning to stop right on the again but the excitement is too much as someone knocks on the door asking if I'm alright(guess I was being louder than I thought) I blow the load best ****** I've had in a while blew cumm every where, clean myself up lick my finger turn around go pee because after blowing that load I had to go pretty bad(nothing like that orgasmic pee after *******) got the feel good chill I walk out and the flight attendant asks if I'm okay and winks she walks past brushes my already senseitve making me a little weak kneed best plane ride ever I think as I take my seat!
deleted deleted 26-30 Jul 4, 2012

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