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Almost Caught

I was up early enough to see the boyfriend off for a very early meeting he had to be at. Instead of going back to bed for a couple of hours before I actually had to get up for work I turned the television on and had a cup of coffee. The tv was set on the dvd player and it was still playing My Two Sons. (not really sons, more like papa bear and two younger - one smooth the other furry)

Not planning to, I grabbed the lube stashed under the sofa. I pulled on my balls and lubed up. In no time I was rock hard as papa was getting blown by his smooth son while getting ****** by furry son (I guess, but then I was paying more attention to the *******).

Kept getting so close and had to let go of my hard rod so it would go down before I came. I kept telling myself that I would stop once the scene finishes. That never happened since I would linger stroking and the next scene would start.

Papa walks in on the smooth son in the shower playing with his self so papa gives him something to play with. Then papa has him up against the wall, ******* him relentless until papa's load is deep inside him. Getting out of the shower finally, furry son is in the doorway holding his thick hard **** and has his 'brother' braced against the sink and ***** him until he adds his *** to papas.

I had to keep hitting pause. Not only is the action hot, but watching is keeping me so hard that the pre-*** is keeping me lubed.

Damn I wanted to *** a few times. I kept telling myself I better not.

Conflicted I paused to let myself deflate, but the best part is the end. I'll call him the Uncle, shows up and since nobody is home talks his way into ******* furry boy non-stop all around the living room. Uncle is groaning and has the boy on the couch. Not paying too much attention, I was still stroking and was still rock hard. The Uncle starts yelling at the boy that he's ready to *** and that he's gonna breed his *** deep. Zoom in of uncle pulling out and a spurt of *** hits the boys swollen hole followed by the uncles hard **** unloading his load as forceful as he can. The boy begins shooting his *** all over the leather sofa.

Usually **** dialog is annoying. The uncle though is holding the boy by his hips, pulling back as he paounds his **** in. My hand has a grip on my rod and I can feel the deep pulse as the oozing pre-*** begins turning creamy white and I cannot stop.

I stand up and begin stroking, spurting shot after shot of *** onto the coffee table. Six or eight big watery shots, cream spread across the coffee table surface. I pull on my nuts for added effect. My legs go weak as I relish the feelings coursing through me. I continue to stroke from the head of my **** down the shaft, squeezing every drop of *** out for it to drip onto the coffee table.

Damn I didn't want to do that.

Once the feeling subsides I look at all than *** all over the coffee table and think I should take a picture. Then decide not to and just get on my knees and lick it all up and swallow. Takes about 8 licks, yum!

Jump in the shower, dry off and almost completely dressed when I hear the front door open.

The meeting only lasted an hour and the boyfriend decided to work from home.

I finish getting ready, grab breakfast, take vitamins and grab a 'helper' pill so I can work on being able to feed or **** the boyfriend after work.
herdofcats herdofcats 46-50, M Jul 11, 2012

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