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Real Pleasure After Mstrb8

while i was pleasuring myself,i forgot to close my door.then my step sister was peeping from the door..then i realize i was being,i pretend thatthat i she was not there n moan her name while i did my job with my ****.then i saw she was slipping her hand inside her panties.i saw that she was aroused seing me **********.at that moment i open my eyes and ask her what is she doing.she try to run but i caught her from behind.i told her,if she dont want me to tell her mom about what happen
,she must obey me.i push her to my bed n start ripping her cloth and panties.and when i try to lick her *****,i notice it already wet..then i put my hard **** inside her ***** and she start to moan and moan until she came.then i **** her harder and harder until i put all my seed inside her.n from that day she is my sex slave and i can **** her all i want when we are alone at home
sham2012 sham2012 26-30, M 1 Response Jul 20, 2012

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I don't know what others may say; but, you raped this girl. Because someone may be arroused watching you with your own sexual arrousal does not give you the right to force them to have sex with you. How would you have felt had the shoe been on the other foot so to speak and you were the girl being raped?