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It Is As Necessary... breathing. I awake and it is the first thing I do. Touching allows my sexual energy to be focused and in the forefront of my thoughts. My body becomes attuned again to the energy within me.

The climaxes I have from solo play seldom wipe me out unless I do a sustained session with multiple *******. So I can ********** and climax and still function. After my first in my bed, I generally get coffee and then hit the shower. I ********** in the shower in some form every time I shower. I may not climax, but the process of washing always gets my body excited once again.

I rarely have the need to climax every time I play. I am content to get and stay excited during the day, so I always find positions and private moments to keep my excitement going. It can be as simple as sitting so the right spots are getting pressure applied. My foot under me in a chair. My breast pressed against my arm as I flex it, some times even the feeling of air moving on my skin, especially under my skirt without undies on is enough.

Normally I find ways to climax about 4 or 5 times during the course of the day. My day ends with me back in bed doing exactly the same thing I did when I started the day. But in the evening I generally go for the maximum relief so I sleep well and have erotic dreams. People I have slept with tell me I constantly touch myself and them while I sleep so I probably even do it then.

Having regular sex does not change my need to play. In fact when I am in a new relationship that becomes sexual I actually find myself reaching more solo climaxes than when things are more or less normal.

Of course, I keep this play activity private. No one that knows me has a clue I do it so often or that I have been pretty much on the edge of full out sexual excitement since I discovered what my body can do. I believe that many people are like this but keep it secret

brandiSE brandiSE 18-21, F 24 Responses Aug 3, 2008

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wow. really turns me on how much you climax every day. wish i knew someone quite as sexual as you xxx

I J/O alot, 1-2 times a day for over 50yrs. More if needed :) . I have a 52 year old friend that comes over to the house, if my wife is out at the pool catching rays, Doug and I will get the nude picts. of Marsha watch her,look at the picts. and JACK to beat hell ! >>> 1 can get spy cams at this site: Email:

it will be more fun if you do it wile chating ****,, try it once with me

At the lunch table, we had a conversation about ************. All my friends and I said we ************ about 4-5 times a day. The only girl a the table then said she did it once, by she felt dirty. I told her the more you do it the better you'll feel. I just came.

I do that too whenever I feel in the mood.

I was told by a friend,that getting aroused and noy orgasming,led to feeling distended,and uncomfortable.I guess each person is different.

I'm with you! necesary as breathing! I am horny all the time. I keep on the edge as you put it. I call it tingles! anyway I'm ready to ********** at all times. I too get myself off many times each day! I'm adding you to my circle, you can make us friends! Nudigirl

great story. and well kept secrets they are ;)

Im the same way..When i get up i sit on the end of the bed and touch myself. Then i'll go make coffee and when i'm doing that i'll press myself into the counter and rub up and down against it, Then the shower is the most exciting, i love the shower head i can hold in my hand and press<br />
The car is to dangerous but i have done it at a stop light. I have plenty of time at work to get off some how and eveyone there knows im a lesbian so it's like i got a free pass or something,,,strange i know. The women there ....2+me are open about it and i know they take extended bathroom breaks like me. The best part is when i have to fly out for a meeting, i'll be on the plane and rub my self when everyone is sleeping..just have to try to be quiet Have i been caught? sure a few times,

Wow, you lucky Girls (gurls) !

There are times when I keep myself on edge too. It seems the longer I wait, the more satisfying it is when I finally find release.

My God, you women are SO LUCKY !<br />
******* are the spice of life.<br />
We men, generally are good for one a day ( apart from the guys on here !)<br />
And as we age, the decent "O" gets further and further away.<br />
<br />
Although feeling a little jealous, my feeling really is that the worship of you, the female part of 'us' doesn't diminish, i just wish to enjoy your enjoyment together.<br />
<br />
Luv<br />

I agree, it's as necessary as food and sleep. Basically, work and the rest of life is what I do in between having sex with myself.

Wow, folks !<br />
Many times a day !<br />
I've always been wiped out after a couple, and as i've got older the couple have diminished.<br />
( I can remember in the dim distant past, seven times, going all night ! Each time ejacualating !<br />
Wow !<br />
<br />
But a long time ago.<br />
<br />
Now, yo'all leave me green with envy!<br />
luv<br />

wow I feel like there are people that we are just sexual fans, we find many ways to express sexually, sometimes by just enjoing something sexy: to view sexy lingery, a good peek up a skirt, a girls magazine, a soft touch next to us in the park trolley, or watching a nice girl just walk.. the thing is to keep the sexyness going, even with no release, and maybe getting only a little smile is enough

good notes, Brandi<br />
<br />
I also enjoy ************ at least twice a day. We only live once, we have to make the very best of it.<br />
<br />
************ is not in any way a replacement for sex, just a necessity for living.<br />
<br />
If you'd like to share, Brandi, just add me to your circle.

you are correct<br />
<br />
needed like air

love your story..i was thinking today about a dear freind i have began writing to again and i have found myself in a state of perpetual horniess...i love wearing wifes panties and have found myself at the brink and then stopping..leaking and then right before climax stopping...i finally took a shower and i could feel her mentally with me and i releasd my load

It is nice to read of another woman who comes before coffee and doesn't see partner sex as a substitute for self play.

Pleasing yourself does help to balance body and mind, so long as it does not become a obsessive compulsive disorder.


I love this story, glad it's not just me always on the edge.<br />
<br />

Ditto to what endmn1960 said. Thanks for sharing with us!

I would hope that many people are like this. It is a beautiful feeling so why not enjoy it.